English2LSF is an experimental application which translates simple spoken English sentences into French Sign Language (LSF). It has a small vocabulary and a structured grammar intended to illustrate the basic principles of LSF syntax. Output is produced using the JASigning signing avatar.

Try the following examples to build up successively larger LSF sentences. In each example, we give the English on the left, the names of the LSF signs on the right, and a few words of explanation.



One sign.


Two dogs → CHIEN DEUX

Two signs. The adjective comes after the noun.


Two black dogs → CHIEN NOIR DEUX

Three signs. The number comes after the noun and the adjective.


I have a dog → MOI CHIEN AVOIR

Three signs. The basic word-order is subject-object-verb


I don't have a dog → MOI CHIEN AVOIR PAS

Four signs. Negation is expressed by adding the sign PAS after the verb and shaking the head on both the verb and PAS.


Do you have a dog? → TOI CHIEN AVOIR

Three signs. A yes/no question is expressed by lowering the head and moving the right shoulder forward on the verb.


You can test the application with the link below. Press on the button marked 'Enregistrer' (record) and hold while speaking. If the recognition result is correct, press 'Traduire' (translate).